We are pleased to announce that post notifications for SendPress Pro is now available in the latest version, 0.8. The new post notifications feature in SendPress Pro automatically delivers instant, daily, or weekly blog posts via email to subscribers.

With Post notifications enabled, Pro users now have the option of using their sign-up widget to allow visitors to subscribe to post notifications instead of just an email list.  If you select the Post Notification checkbox on the sign-up widget, you can specify the default delivery for new subscribers. Subscribers will then be able to manage how often they receive notifications using the manage subscription link in any message that they receive.


To get started using post notifications, you need a SendPress Pro key to activate and install the SendPress Pro plug-in. Once installed and activated, you can enable post notifications (currently in beta) under Settings >  Notifications (See Screenshot Below). Then configure your sign-up widget to allow visitors to subscribe to post notifications.


We will be posting a more comprehensive set of guide for using post notifications on our support site. This post will be updated when it is available.


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  1. will this also work for new events using plugins like Tribe Events Calendar?

  2. James,

    Right now we only support “posts” with Post notifications, but we think we can probably add the ability to support custom post types. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hi there. Hope you’re having a good day.

    We are trying to move to a system that has post notifications but also where folks can elect to receive notifications 1) when an author has posted a new story or 2) a new story by category has posted.

    Any guidance on this would be appreciated.

    Thanks so much.



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