Synchronization of WordPress user roles to a subscriber list is not only one of the most requested features we’ve had for SendPress, but it is also one of the primary reasons for using an e-mail marketing plug-in within your WordPress site. This functionality is one of the main drivers for building SendPress in the first place.

Our philosophy here at SendPress is that you shouldn’t have to leave your site to do great stuff and you shouldn’t have to copy and paste subscribers or content from one system to another. After all, WordPress is where all the good stuff exists already.   Best of all, you can synchronize WordPress user roles to your subscriber list in both the Free and Pro versions simply by downloading the latest version.

In order to create a list based on a particular subscriber role, all you need to do is click on the subscribers tab and then the “create list” button. You’ll be presented with the following screen where you can name your list and select any role you would like. In the example below, anyone who is a subscriber on your WordPress site will be automatically added to the list. Once the list is created, you’ll be able to click “sync” and now you have an up-to-date list of all of your site subscribers.


Subscriber role synchronization is currently a manual process, but it will eventually automatically synchronize before sending to any particular list. One caveat surrounding synchronizing WordPress user roles, is that any changes to the list that you make manually will be overwritten the next time there is a synchronization. So please don’t try to edit subscribers on synchronized lists.

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