We are pleased to announce that Automated Bounce Handling for SendPress Pro is now available in the latest version, 0.8.5. The new Automated Bounce Handling feature in SendPress Pro automatically processes bounced messages so that the email addresses that bounced do not receive messages in the future. 

SendPress Pro has included automated bounce handling with the Mandrill API for several months, but this new release brings automated bounce handling to every pro user, regardless of sending provider. Automatically removing email addresses that had a “hard bounce” from your sending list is an important way to not only keep your subscriber list properly maintained, but it also helps you maintain a good reputation as an email sender.

For example, when a sender repeatedly bounces emails, the receiving email server (for example Gmail or Hotmail) will most likely start marking messages from the offending sender as spam.  In order to configure automated bounce handling you must have a Pro license.

Once Pro has been activated you need to navigate to Settings > Bounces.  Please read the instructions on the page carefully and note that automated bounce handling requires a dedicated email account that is not used for anything but bounce handling because messages are removed once processed. Also note that it does not need to be the same email address that your emails are sent from, but it should be on the same domain. For example, if you send messages from “newsletter@example.com” you could create a bounce handling account called “bounces@example.com“.

sendpress-pro-bounce-handling Automated Bounce Handling also requires that your account that you will use for bounce handling support either IMAP or Pop3 email protocols and that your hosting provider has opened their firewall outbound for those ports (Pop3 uses 110 or 995 / IMAP uses 143 or 993).

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