wordcamp-boston2013We are extremely excited to announce that we are sponsoring Word Camp Boston 2013. We plan on being there Saturday and Sunday (October 26th & 27th). If you would like to meet the team get your tickets early because they are expecting record turn out. It sounds like it is going to be a great conference with lots of opportunities to learn about WordPress and what others in the WordPress community are up to.

This is the first WordPress Conference that we have sponsored. We attended Word Camp Boston 2011 when SendPress was pretty much just an idea and met so many interesting folks we just knew we had to go back again. It is crazy to us how far SendPress has come in that time.  That’s right, SendPress has been around for over two years!

Two years ago, after getting tired of “monkeying around” with external email  providers, we decided it was time to change the way we sent e-newsletters for good. You know the drill — you spend all your time creating content in WordPress, only to have to strip it out and reformat it with another external service provider. Next comes what we call “template tweaking”, which is all the time you spend trying to design the perfect template (without ever quite achieving perfection). Add it all up, and it was taking longer to send the e-mail than to create the content, not to mention worrying about pricing plans that penalize you for actually having subscribers — Not cool!!

Out of our frustration, came what seemed such an obvious solution…send e-newsletters from the same place you already create content — enter SendPress!  And here we are, two years later as a sponsor.

So if you happen to be as excited about using WordPress for e-mail marketing and newsletters as us (or even just a little exctited), we would love to hear from you.  And if you can’t make it to the conference, feel free to drop us a line.

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