We are very excited to announce the release of SendPress: Email Marketing and Newsletters for WordPress version 0.9.3.x and SendPress Pro .6!  We have spent a considerable amount of time fixing bugs and improving support for PHP 5.2. We’ve also added some new features to SendPress Pro, such as additional sending options.

SendPress Pro

It is now possible to send e-mail through the following bulk e-mail providers, SendGrid, MailJet, Amazon SES, or your own custom SMTP server. But we did not stop there. We also added API sending through SendGrid. That means that even if your hosting provider blocks the ports required for sending e-mail, they can’t block you from sending using the SendGrid API.  Sending through these other services does require an account, but pricing is very reasonable no matter how many messages you send per month and all of these services will provide better inbox deliverability than sending through your web hosting provider.  SendPress Pro is still on sale for 20% off by using coupon “SPRING2013”. Get your copy today.

Improved PHP 5.2 Support


Many hosting providers are still running older versions of PHP, such as 5.2. We have gone through the entire plug-in to make sure that we are fully compatible with PHP 5.2. The end result of all of this hard work is that all known issues with PHP 5.2 have been resolved. If you don’t know which version of PHP you are running, you can find out by clicking on the help tab within SendPress.

We appreciate the help of everyone involved in finding those issues and bringing them to our attention. We love the WordPress community and couldn’t be happier to be part of it.

Looking to the Future

We are not finished yet. We have lots more planned for SendPress and SendPress Pro. Future versions of SendPress Pro will add bounce handling and auto responders as the next two major features. We will also continue to build our notifications system. Basic notifications for subscribes and unsubscribes was just added to the free version and even more options for notifications will be coming to the Pro version.

Download the latest version now from WordPress.org

If you’d like to help make SendPress better, you can find our code on Github.

You can see the full change log at WordPress.org

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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at SendPress but checked it out again for an upcoming project. It’s come along nicely and those are some great additions.

    When you get to adding bounce handling will it be able to deal with API callback bounces from SendGrid and MailJet (hopeful Mandrill will be added too)?


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