Although many marketers try to put all their focus on social media advertising, industry leaders understand that email marketing is still essential. It provides countless benefits that simply cannot be obtained through other marketing strategies. If you’re using email marketing, following these experts on Twitter can help you focus your strategy.

Simms Jenkins @SimmsJenkins

Simms Jenkins is the CEO of BrightWave, an agency touted as North America’s leader in email marketing. He also authored the books The New Inbox and The Truth About Email Marketing. On his feed, you’re likely to see articles on everything from subject-line best practices to using tools like SendPress to handle email marketing.

Mackenzie Fogelson @mackfogelson

As the founder and CEO of Mack Web, Mackenzie Fogelson is an expert in email marketing. Fortunately, she also knows about Web marketing in general. On her feed, you’ll find everything from how to make the best marketing videos to tricks to get the most out of email WordPress plugins.

Chad White @chadswhite

Although he’s the research director at Litmus, many people simply know him as the author of Email Marketing Rules. He has also written numerous articles and blogs about email marketing trends. With nearly 11,000 followers and counting, it’s obvious people want to hear what he has to say.

Scott Hardigree @indiescott

Scott’s feed is full of useful email marketing information. His posts prove he’s an eclectic soul, but he knows how to craft an amazing email campaign. If you’re following him, you’ll have access to plenty of email-marketing resources, and you’ll be the first to know about upcoming webinars and email trends.

Jay Jhun @emailrocks

He admits that he’s fanatical about email, and as the VP of Strategic Services at BrightWave, Jay Jhun lives up to that claim. Jhun runs a team whose primary focus is to improve email marketing strategies. From list growth to developing strategies from the ground up, he’s a key resource for those who want to learn more about marketing through email.

Jordie van Rijn @jvanrijn

Jordie van Rijn is many things, but the very first role he has listed on his Twitter profile is "email marketing consultant." His page is a treasure trove of amazing information, and it also links to his informative blog, which answers every possible question you could have about email marketing.

Loren McDonald @LorenMcDonald

As the VP and self-proclaimed "evangelist" of major marketing company Silverpop, Loren McDonald has the experience to back his theory. He tweets videos and articles that explain how to engage customers and authored Almost Everything You Wanted to Know About Email Marketing.

Whether you just copy/paste emails to 10 clients or you need a WordPress plugin to contact hundreds at once, these Twitter users can help you improve your chances of success. With the right email software and advice, there’s nothing standing in your way.

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