Although social media is undoubtedly moving up in the world of advertising, email marketing is still the weapon of choice for countless companies. The benefits of these campaigns run the gamut, ranging from a low-cost implementation to a great return on investment. These are the trends for 2015 that could completely change the way you do email marketing.

Growing Trend Towards Personalization

Everyone has the ability to easily filter out email messages they’d rather not see, which has led to the trend of email personalization. One potential customer will not be drawn by the same things that another is attracted to, so a message that appeals to one might just be ignored by the other.

While it may sound like a pipe dream, email personalization is possible. In fact, WordPress plugins like SendPress already allow users to choose their own lists to subscribe to, and 2015 will likely see an explosion in this type of technology. If you’re not sold on this yet, just look at some of the benefits:

  1. Lead nurturing is improved.
  2. Conversion rate increases.
  3. Audience becomes more passionate about product.

Realization That Not All Pop-Ups Are Bad

People have long had to deal with pop-ups on the Internet, so it seems counterintuitive to think that these annoyances may make a comeback. Fortunately, they’re not how you remember them. Sites are increasingly using "pop-up boxes" on their websites to get users’ email addresses.

The best thing about these boxes is that pop-up blockers don’t stop them because they are just part of the page, so there’s really nothing to block. A person can simply enter their email and click "Submit," or they can hit cancel and still see the content they came for.

Email lists are growing thanks to this tool and, in the end, you’ll have more eyes on your newsletters because of it. If you want an actual brand new technological advancement that will change email marketing, though, it might just be wearable technology.

Wearable Technology Changes The Game

Only a decade ago, computer watches were the thing of James Bond films, but if you’ve been watching the news lately, you know that this is no longer the case. "Smart watches," and other forms of wearable technology, will hit the ground running, and your email marketing campaign needs to be ready.

Potential clients will have the ability to filter out messages without ever having to view them on their smartphone or computer. In the end, this means your focus on header text, visuals and subject lines will have to increase exponentially.

Increase in Automated Email Campaigns

Some WordPress plugins, such as the aforementioned SendPress, already allow users to automate their email marketing. In fact, many business owners and marketers currently have access to this technology but don’t make use of it. In 2015 and the years to come, this will all change.

Email is becoming more integrated with other means of marketing and this, combined with increasing time constraints, will lead marketers to lean more on automated campaigns. Since all of your emails can be automated, you can use your time to handle other important issues involved with running a business.

In the end, email marketing constantly evolves with changing technology. Getting ahead of these evolving trends could make a huge difference in your email marketing strategy.

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