To increase the number of email opt-ins generated by your WordPress site, you can either increase traffic or improve opt-in rates. While boosting traffic can be unpredictable, even a small increase in opt-in rates can help grow your email list. Collecting emails using a plugin like SendPress means you can engage and monetize subscribers multiple times, so it’s important to maximize opt-in rates. Here’s how.

Opt-in Form Placement

The placement of your opt-in form probably has the biggest effect on sign-up rates. You can write exciting, engaging copy and design an irresistible lead magnet, but if users don’t see the form your opt-in rate will still be low. Some of the most effective placements include

  • Top of the sidebar. If collecting emails is one of your primary goals, your opt-in form should be above any ads or other sidebar content. It should be the first thing users see when they start searching your blog.
  • Lightbox pop-up. If you offer a lead magnet that your users genuinely want, they are more likely to view the pop-up favorably. There are a number of plugins that can insert pop-ups into WordPress, and many have customizable features to control when a pop-up is displayed.
  • End of posts. If readers make it to the bottom of one of your posts, they probably to want to read more of your content. Make it easy for them to sign up by adding your opt-in form code directly to your theme’s files or using a WordPress Plugin to insert it dynamically.

Effective Lead Magnets

Your lead magnet provides a compelling reason for a user to provide an email address. Many blogs make the mistake of using a generic sign-up form that doesn’t offer a strong reason to sign-up. If your current opt-in form’s only benefit is similar to “Enter your e-mail for our free newsletter,” you’re probably missing out on subscribers.

Your lead magnet must be something your target audience finds highly valuable. It can be as simple as a special tip or as complicated as an entire online course. The best type of lead magnet depends on your market. Hobby niches often enjoy guides, eBooks or newsletters, while professional audiences tend to respond better to industry white papers.

Writing Opt-in Form Copy

Finally, you need to write copy that persuades the user to sign up. The headline is the most important part of the opt-in form. It should clearly tell the user how they benefit from signing up to your list. The call to action is also vital. Specific text that reinforces your lead magnet, such as “Claim Free Guide Now,” often works better than a generic CTA such as “Sign Up.”

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