Isn’t it fantastic that your WordPress e-newsletter provider (yay, SendPress!) lets you seamlessly communicate with your followers, integrate your content, customize your look and feel, and analyze your results? We asked ourselves what would make those great features even better and listened to our customers who resoundingly said they wanted reliable and fast email delivery with bounce handling, support and easy set up. 

What would you say about a product that would eliminate the biggest headaches of sending email (not just newsletters but all email) through WordPress? And what if it didn’t even require SendPress or SendPress Pro but was still engineered to turn them into the most powerful email newsletter communication tool for WordPress on the planet? 

We thought so! Introducing WP Email Delivery

Here’s the problem: Hosting providers often block SMTP ports meaning YOUR messages don’t get sent. It’s also common to experience poor inbox delivery and high spam rates because your sender (shared server IP) has a bad reputation. Even for Pro users it can be complicated to choose other third party options and configure another account and don’t even get me started about waiting for a few thousand messages to leave the queue.  Soon everyone will be able to send through a reputable sender with just a couple clicks and get support soup to nuts.

Coming with the SendPress 1.5 release later this month we will be bundling WP Email Delivery (also available as a separate plugin) right into SendPress. This API-based email plugin doesn’t require SMTP ports to be open, doesn’t experience road blocks from your hosting provider blocking email, doesn’t necessitate opening any ports in your firewall, and handles your bounces with grace. Best of all WP Email Delivery can increase your hourly sending rate from 3,600 per hour up to 25,000 per hour (or higher depending on your sending reputation).

WP Email Delivery also doesn’t require SendPress. You can install it separately and when you enter your API Key you’ll automatically configure all WordPress emails to be sent out via our service. Some examples of WordPress emails that we will handle automatically are Password Resets, E-commerce Plugin emails (Easy Digital Downloads and Woo Commerce), Other WordPress newsletter plugins (A-hem, what?), Contact Forms (Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, and others)…Basically if it’s an Email generated by WordPress or a WordPress plugin we can handle it and get it where it needs to go reliably and fast!


Depending on the number of email messages you send per month, there is an affordable plan built specifically to meet your needs. We have 3 annual plans starting at 500 email messages per month for a mere $18. All annual plans offer a free 15 day trial to check it out. Just add your payment info (for when you decide you love it), and start sending! From there, we have 3 monthly plans starting at 10,000 per month and you can always contact us for plans beyond 50,000 if you’re addicted to email! All plans include premium email support. And really, who doesn’t want the ability to chat with us from time to time? 

Yearly Pricing Options


Monthly Pricing Options


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