Today’s consumers are overwhelmed by the barrage of marketing emails that arrive in their inboxes on a daily basis. How do you make your own marketing emails stand out from the others? You can follow five simple steps to ensure that your marketing emails grab the recipient’s attention and get your message read, not deleted.

1. Create an engaging subject line

The subject is what consumers see first, and it is a critical component of any marketing email. You need to create a subject line that makes the consumer want to open and read the email. Keeping it short and simple is also important, leading with only the main point of the email message, such as "25% off all toys!" or "Promotional reward for loyal customers!"

Tip: Think about what would make you want to read an email. Consider an A/B email marketing campaign to see which subject line garners better results.

2. Craft your copy

You don’t want to blast consumers in the face with a pushy message, but you don’t want to bore them either. Blend your promotional or sales message with other material or images that provide the consumer with important information and explains why the consumer should click through on your call to action.

Tip: Using checklists to describe a product’s features or the benefits of a particular promotion reads better than long sentences and large paragraphs.

3. Use the right tone and get consumers involved

Today’s consumers want a rewarding shopping experience, and they want to be appreciated by the businesses where they shop. Always try to recognize customer loyalty in your emails, and if applicable, give consumers a chance to interact with the business. You can do so through links to blog posts, social media pages or surveys.

4. Create a clear call to action

When you write your call to action, make sure the consumer has a valid reason for following your directive. What do consumers get in return for their time spent on your website? Is the reason for the call to action clear to them? Keep the message straightforward, and make the call to action easy to find.

5. Know your market

Knowing your target market will help you write better, more appealing emails. If you have a target market consisting of different demographics, consider writing separate emails for each particular segment, rather than one mass message to all.

Following the preceding tips should improve the return on investment (ROI) of your email marketing campaigns. Additionally, if more of your emails are read and calls to action are followed, your brand visibility will increase.


5 Tips for Writing Killer Email Copy

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