We are very excited to announce that the latest version of SendPress, 0.8.8, has added Double Opt-in, one of our most requested features. With the addition of Double Opt-in when someone subscribes to your newsletter from your site, they will be sent a confirmation email that includes a link to confirm their subscription. The Double Opt-in email message is sent using the default newsletter template on your site and the text of the message is completely customizable.

For the complete list of changes in the latest release, check out the change log at WordPress.org.

We are also very excited to share that the next release of the SendPress plug-in will be our Pro version. It will include lots of features not found in the free version as well as Premium Support.  It will also be available for 50% off until the 1.0 version is released early next year.

We hope you are enjoying using SendPress as much as we are enjoying making it! Keep an eye out for a follow-up email in a few weeks announcing more details of SendPress Pro.

Download SendPress 0.8.8 now


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  1. Thank you so much for the update! This is what I’m waiting for and this will greatly help since mostly of our recipients are from Europe 🙂

    Looking forward for the next features (if i’m not mistaken. I read it somewhere in the forum) to integrate a sendpress subscribe checkbox option in wordpress user registration…

    Again, many thanks to SENDPRESS 😀

    • We would definitely like SendPress to plug right into registered users on a particular WordPress site. This is on our radar. Just can’t say when yet. Thanks for your feedback!

  2. Hi there. I think this is a wildly EXCELLENT plugin. In fact, I’m recommending it as my “Top of the Day” via my FB fan page. One question I’ve asked in my LinkedIN group is if it is CAN SPAM compliant and the ways SendPress avoids domain blacklisting. Can you point me to something about that or reply directly to this question?

    Thanks so much for the plugin. I love it!

    • We are Can-Spam compliant. While it is not required for SendPress users to include their address on messages, it is recommended and very easy to do when setting up the plug-in. We do have a number of users outside the US that did not want Can-Spam to be a requirement. The plug-in does also link to the Federal CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 as well as including a brief description of the rules.

      Concerning blacklisting, it is not something that SendPress has any control over as we do not actually send the messages (at least not at this time). Most people who use SendPress will use their web hosting provider, or Google (both of which are options with the free version). When the Pro version is released we will allow additional sending options, including custom SMTP. The Pro version will also handle bounce tracking, which is somewhat related to blacklisting because it will automatically remove bad email addresses from a subscriber list, which should in turn reduce the likelihood of messages being marked as spam or getting blacklisted. I should note that bounce tracking will depend on the sending provider. If someone uses SendGrid for example to send their messages, SendGrid will handle bounce tracking and SendPress will just provide the information that it gets from SendGrid.


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