Importing your subscribers into SendPress just got even easier. You can take virtually any CSV file such as those exported from Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, or any other newsletter provider and upload them right to your list in SendPress. Not only is it super easy to import your list, but we also check for duplicates in your list and ensure that only one of them gets added.


Once your file is uploaded, you can map the fields in the CSV to the subscriber fields stored in the database. This means you don’t even need to worry about ensuring that the columns in your CSV are in the correct order. Just match the fields in the drop downs and start your import.



Best of all, CSV import is available In both the free and Pro version of SendPress! Next week we will also be releasing Bounce Handling for Pro users using Mandrill. Bounces will be displayed in SendPress and bounced email addresses will be automatically prevented from receiving email. More providers will be added in the future.

The free version of SendPress can be downloaded from You can learn more about SendPress Pro on our site.

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  1. Does/is there a way SendPress can auto-import new users who subscribe to posts on my site?

    • If you were talking about synchronizing WordPress user roles, that feature is coming in the future. If you are looking for automatic sending of posts when you publish a new one, that will be in our very next release for pro.

  2. Hello,

    I am trying your plugin (free version). You wrote “Best of all, CSV import is available In both the free and Pro version of SendPress!” but I cannot see how to import csv files.

    Could you please kindly explain how to import csv file?

    Many thanks.

    • This post pretty much explains how to do it. Is there somewhere in particular you are getting stuck? If so, please start a topic in the forums and we would be happy to help you out.

  3. Hi,
    is there a way to import the email list from another installation of SP keeping the status of each one? (active, unsubscribed, etc)

    Thank you.

    • I don’t think it supports that on import at the moment, but we are going to investigate whether that is something we can expose in a future update.


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