We are very excited to announce SendPress version 0.9!  We’ve been working hard for the last few weeks to get this release ready.  We’ve squashed some bugs and added a bunch of new features. There are way too many new features to highlight in a single blog post, but we would like to focus on three of our favorites.


The most exciting new feature is the ability to create newsletter sign-up forms that can be embedded anywhere you want. For example, you could create an HTML sign-up form and put it on your Facebook page and when someone signs up for your newsletter on Facebook they will be added as a subscriber to that list on your website.

New Queue Manager

While we don’t really love the term e-mail throttling, it is the best way to describe this new feature added to the Queue Manager in SendPress. We now give you the option to set a max number of messages per day and per hour to help you comply with your hosting provider if they limit the number of messages that can be sent. For example, Go Daddy only allows 1000 messages to be sent per day. If you reach your daily limit with this setting enabled, SendPress will simply wait until the next day to continue sending your messages. If your hosting provider does not have a limit, you can set the limit to zero to make it unlimited and SendPress will send messages as fast as your server can create them.

SendPress Pro

SendPress Pro will be released during the beginning of February and this latest version lays the groundwork for its release.  SendPress Pro will be released with some great new features with many more being added over the next few months. Keep an eye out for more details about the new features, including a discount for early adopters.

Full List of Updates in SendPress 0.9

Below is a list of all the noteworthy enhancements to SendPress 0.9.

  • Allow multiple list signups from SendPress widget
  • Added Screen Options to various pages
  • New Queue Manager with E-mail Throttling
  • Theme support for Genesis eNews Extended, Twenty Twelve, and Twenty Eleven
  • Updates to basic reports
  • New forms to make subscribing easier
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Continued working on language support
  • Added the Pro Addons tab for the soon to be released SendPress Pro!

Download the latest version now from WordPress.org

We’d also like to send a big thanks out to our first contributor Matt Durak.  If you’d like to help make SendPress better you can find our code on Github.


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