In today’s digital age, email is an important part of business, whether you’re attracting new clients, responding to customer inquiries or interacting with colleagues. Email also allows you to reach out to potential and current customers in engaging and creative ways. e-Newsletters are a smart way to build your business’ network and communicate with clients, customers and vendors. These digital newsletters deliver several benefits for your business.

Improved Communication

e-Newsletters enhance communication with your customer base. You can reach out to your customer base — both regular customers and those folks you haven’t done business with in months — with a simple email blast. SendPress makes it simple for you to create an e-Newsletter and improve business communication, and you can do so without any programming knowledge.

Up-to-Date Information

Customers who haven’t checked out your website or stopped by your physical location lately might not know what’s going on with your business. An e-Newsletter allows you to share important business information with both long-lost and loyal customers. Whether you’ve gained a new manager, opened a new location or changed your product or service offerings, an e-Newsletter can easily share this information with your network. Share big news, such as industry awards, via an easy-to-create e-Newsletter.

New Business

e-Newsletters can even help drum up business. A well-designed and informative newsletter can encourage both past and potential customers to patronize your business. Consider your e-Newsletter another marketing tool for your business. In this newsletter, you can advertise your services, answer frequently asked questions and offer discounts to encourage customers to try your product or services.

Website Traffic

e-Newsletters might be delivered via email, but their digital form can also boost traffic to your business website. Your e-Newsletter can include links to your website, whether you want to direct readers to a page detailing pricing information or business contact information. These links will encourage readers to visit your website, learn more about your organization and, perhaps, purchase your products or sign up for your services.

Name Recognition

e-Newsletters also help you enhance your business’ name and brand recognition. A thoughtfully crafted, professionally designed newsletter created by SendPress allows you to deliver your brand and company name to the inboxes of past, potential and current clients across the country — or the globe. Even if your business cannot afford national advertising efforts, e-Newsletters offer a more cost-effective way to familiarize customers with your brand.


Thanks to SendPress, e-Newsletters are simple to build and design in WordPress and send to your virtual mailing list. An effective marketing tool, e-Newsletters allow you to connect with your customers digitally, which can have a positive impact on your business’ bottom line.

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